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Want Something Not From A Sweatshop?

Declaration of the Rights of the Child
My First Job (Story)
Want Something Not From A Sweatshop?
Child Labor

Here is some items that you can get that are not from a sweatshop, which also means it was not made by the hands of a child.

Avon, Ben Davis, Carhartt, Graybear, King Louie, Kodiak, Nemisis, Oshkosh, Outdoor Outfit, Platinum Sportswear, Powers, Pro-Fit, Rubin Bros., Stone Cutter, Team Safety, Thinc Actionwear, Time Out for Her, Union Jeans, Union Line, Wagoner, Wigwam (United Food and Commercial Workers [UFCW]); Canyon River Blues, Diamond Cut Jeans, Sherpa Britannia, Men's 505, Men's 517, Texas Jeans, Kids 'R' Us, Sherpie, Toughskin, Eddie Bauer, JohnHenry, Silver Unicorn, Britannia, Five Brothers, Givenchy, Tallia Uomo, Alexander Julian, Hilton-Oak Gittman Brothers, HSM, Thomas Bradford (Union of Needletrades, Industrial,and Textile Employees [UNITE])

Jackets and Sweatshirts
Athletic Cap Co., B.D. Baggies, California Ranchwear, Chaps, Christian Dior from Warnaco Knitwear, Crystal Springs Shirt Co., Damon, Enro and Foxcroft from Apparel Group Ltd., Excelle Sheepskin and Leather Coat Corp., Fall River Shirt Co. Inc., Garan Inc., Garland Shirt Co. (Brooks Bros.), Leader Mfg. Co., Lifewear Inc., Liteear, Maple Mfg. Co., Paul Fredericks from Fleetwood Shirt Corp., Perfect Shoulder/Snap-n-Wear, Plains T-Shirt, Ree Sportswear Mfg. Shootout, Mountain, Stone Cutter from Universal Overall Co., Sure-Fit, Unionline, Union People Products, Windjammer by Universal Sportswear (UNITE)

Canvas Backpacks, Briefcases, and Tote Bags
American Umbrella, Kenyon Industries, Universal TravLer Inc. (UNITE); Winston, Platt Luggage (UFCW); Samsonite (International Brotherhood of Teamsters [IBT])

School Supplies
Writing Materials: BIC pens, Du-O-Lite mechanical pencils, Parker pens (United Steelworkers of America [USWA]); Shaeffer pens and pencils, Pelican pens (UFCW); International Paper (UFCW)

Kids' Scissors: Wisco Industries Inc., Clauss Cutlery (UAW)

Binders: Elbe-Cesco Inc. (Novelty Workers)

Books, Games, Puzzles: Golden Books (UAW); Walden Books from Rittenhouse Paper Co., Preschool Educational Aids from Ideal (USWA)

Musical Instruments

Yamaha Picolos, trumpets, trombones; Bach; Selmer USA; Bundy and Buescher clarinets, oboes, flutes, brass, bassoons, tubas, and baritone horns (UAW); E&O Mari Musical Strings (International Union of Electrical Workers [IUE]).

Union Built PC (Utility Workers Union of America[UWUA]/Communications Workers of America [CWA]/International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers[IBEW]); Van Elgort Information Systems (CWA, IBEW)

Air Step, Belleville, Brown Shoes, Carolina, Danner, Matterhorn, Natural Sport, Naturalizer, Nunn Bush, Red Wing, Stacy Adams, Totes Boots, Wolverine (UFCW)

School Uniforms
Tech Sew Manufacturing
Fruhauf Uniform Incorporated

The Company Store from AMerian Down and Textile, Hollander Home Fashions (UNITE); Pillowtex (UAW); Dan River Sheets (UFCW); Reliant Sheets (PACE International Union)

Personal Care Items
Shampoo and Hair Care: Alberto Culver VO 5 (UFCW); Halo, Colgate-Palmolive (PACE).

Toothbrushes: Bretton Square Industries, BSI (Office and Professional Employees International Union [OPEIU])

Toothpaste: All brands by Colgate Palmolive (PACE)