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Child Labor

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Child Labor


I have gotten facts about Child Labor from ""

Some of the facts are...

~ There is 246 million children in child labor.

~ Of that 73 million children are less than 10 years old.

~ Every year, 22,000 children die in work-related accidents.

~ One hundred and twenty seven million working children under 14, which is the largest number, is in the Asia- Pacific region.

~ The highest proportion of working children is in Sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly one third of children age 14 and under (48 million children) are in the labor force.

~ There are 2.5 million working children in the developed countries, and another 2.5 million in Eastern European countries.

Child Labor for Nike

These kids are getting beaten, taken from their families, payed little but do these corporations care? NO! They do not care unless they get their profits. You think if they have the nerve to use child labor they would have the common curtousy to pay these children what the deserve.

I feel that child labor is wrong. I believe that children should be able to run around free of worries. Basically they should be able to be kids. A kid should be free of anything that an adult has to do, they should be able to play, go to school, learn life lessons and just be free and healthy. If a child is in Child Labor, they do not go to school. Most children do not know how to read. They do not eat good or get exercise, so they are not healthy. What would you think if it was your child doing child labor? Next time you buy something made from a sweatshop think, what if that was you making it? What if it was your child's hands making them items?

How would you feel if you were tied down to work, making a couple cents an hour? I doubt you would be happy.


I read an article which did case studies of ADIDAS, REEBOK, NIKE and LA GEAR Sport Shoe producers Sub-contracting Companies. I read the "Child Labor" part of the article and I learned that from the 7 companies examed there was 350 children ranging from the ages 12 to 14. There was 75 children interviewed and they all mention that working in a shoe factory is very tiring but they have to stay for life and for family. Child labor is the same as adult labor except the pay. It is determined on work attendence. The children also said that they are forced to work overtime, often late into the night.